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Each type of service is described below with a client project summary included, to help you understand the variety of consulting projects IMS has completed.

Sound policies are the cornerstones of any compliant information management program. IMS consultants develop client-specific policies for: information ownership, records retention, e-mail use, records disposition, destruction suspension, Internet use, electronic records, and trustworthy systems. Be assured that your program provides the guidelines your staff needs, the auditors want and litigators must have.

Project Summary: IMS was asked to develop policies for the retention of e-mail at a Fortune 500 multi-national company. Using a functional approach to retention, we were able to develop a set of rules that were easy to use. These rules were embedded into the e-mail system and every e-mail in the company was saved with a retention period. IMS is particularly proud to have been on the cutting edge of the e-mail retention problem in the mid-1990s.

Have confidence that your records policies stand up to the scrutiny of Sarbanes-Oxley.

IMS develops legally compliant retention rules. We know the records you should be keeping and how long to keep them. We also know the risk that records create if they are not kept for the correct period of time or are not disposed of when they are no longer useful. Our clients are confident about their retention rules after we have reviewed the 15,000 legal requirements for records retention.

Project Summary: A large private company had to spend millions producing documents for an investigation. Realizing that much of costs centered on having too many copies of the same records, IMS was brought in as the “architect and builder” for a records management program. During program implementation, over 40% of the company’s records could be disposed of and ongoing maintenance for duplicate records was eliminated. This led to a significant reduction in the company’s litigation costs.

Know that your information assets are being kept for the correct period of time; and that they are being destroyed when they no longer have any value and become a burden.

All records are not created equal. We team with you to select the most appropriate information management technology, then work closely with you to deploy that technology. When it's appropriate, we’re not afraid to say that technology isn’t the answer. Be secure in the knowledge that you are creating trustworthy electronic records and that they are retrievable.

Project Summary: When you have to track over 400,000 files across 10 offices it is important to select the correct technology. For a major law firm, IMS consultants developed functional specifications for a new system, helped select the system and worked side-by-side with the client during the deployment of the system. Considerable effort went into making changes to the new system that will enable the client to use document management and imaging technology in the near future.

Feel secure in the knowledge that you are using the most appropriate technology to manage and retrieve your information.

IMS consultants evaluate the components and resources of your current records management program. Knowing what it will take to achieve industry best practices and having a roadmap to get there is one of IMS’ services that our clients value the most. Appropriate resources are often secured based on these assessments.

Project Summary: A financial services firm used IMS to assess their compliance with stringent SEC regulations and industry best practices. Not only did IMS address areas where the company’s technology was out of compliance, but we also proposed options for reaching compliance with numerous budget and timeframe constraints. With IMS’ assistance, this company is now in full compliance with government requirements and industry best practices.

With IMS, your records management program will meet industry–wide best practices.

We team with you to evaluate priorities and to work with available resources. Not only do we develop workable implementation plans, but we are also there to monitor progress and make adjustments as priorities shift. Our thirty years' experience helps our clients to foresee potential problems before they occur.

Project Summary: A manufacturing client had over 30 databases for tracking their records. After helping them select a new software tool, IMS worked with them to convert these databases into one seamless system. This effort took over a year and involved a significant amount of data cleanup. Not only did IMS develop the implementation plan, but we were able to train the client’s staff to do a large amount of the data cleanup work. As a result of this effort, the client was able to substantially reduce head count and at the same time improve both the quality and quantity of their services.

The best retention policies and use of technology mean nothing if a records program is not fully implemented.

As in any company that does well, a major factor in the IMS success story is Our Staff.